So here we have the beautiful wedding of Andrew & Hannah. I met early in the morning at Starbucks for a quick caffeine boost with Paul my second shooter for the day. We arrived at Hannah's home in Pradoe which is in Ruyton-XI-towns, Shropshire to get some pictures of her and her maids getting ready.

It was a short 2 minutes ride in the car to the wonderful Pradoe church whereHannah & Andrew would exchange vows, during the service there was a choir who sang between readings, If your planning on having a weeding I would highly recommend this as it really does create a lovely atmosphere. The service was very smooth and then it was outside to get a few family pictures in the church grounds, we then headed towards Shrewsbury and the fantastic Albright Hussey Manor Hotel for the wedding breakfast (ever wondered why they call it breakfast when its afternoon? Well its the first meal as husband and wife together)  

So after the wedding breakfast it was time for people to mingle at the bar and have a few pictures in the gardens before the evenings first dance followed by a fantastic firework display.

Shrewsbury-Albright hussey-cheshire-mold-wrexham-shropshire-osewstry-wedding-photographer-london-1.jpg
Shrewsbury-Albright hussey-cheshire-mold-wrexham-shropshire-osewstry-wedding-photographer-london-2.jpg
Shrewsbury-Albright hussey-cheshire-mold-wrexham-shropshire-osewstry-wedding-photographer-london-3.jpg
Shrewsbury-Albright hussey-cheshire-mold-wrexham-shropshire-osewstry-wedding-photographer-london-4.jpg
Shrewsbury-Albright hussey-cheshire-mold-wrexham-shropshire-osewstry-wedding-photographer-london-5.jpg
Shrewsbury-Albright hussey-cheshire-mold-wrexham-shropshire-osewstry-wedding-photographer-london-6.jpg
Shrewsbury-Albright hussey-cheshire-mold-wrexham-shropshire-osewstry-wedding-photographer-london-7.jpg
Shrewsbury-Albright hussey-cheshire-mold-wrexham-shropshire-osewstry-wedding-photographer-london_0051.jpg
Shrewsbury-Albright hussey-cheshire-mold-wrexham-shropshire-osewstry-wedding-photographer-london_0052.jpg
Shrewsbury-Albright hussey-cheshire-mold-wrexham-shropshire-osewstry-wedding-photographer-london_0053.jpg
Shrewsbury-Albright hussey-cheshire-mold-wrexham-shropshire-osewstry-wedding-photographer-london_0054.jpg
Shrewsbury-Albright hussey-cheshire-mold-wrexham-shropshire-osewstry-wedding-photographer-london_0055.jpg
Shrewsbury-Albright hussey-cheshire-mold-wrexham-shropshire-osewstry-wedding-photographer-london_0056.jpg
Shrewsbury-Albright hussey-cheshire-mold-wrexham-shropshire-osewstry-wedding-photographer-london_0057.jpg
Shrewsbury-Albright hussey-cheshire-mold-wrexham-shropshire-osewstry-wedding-photographer-london_0058.jpg
Shrewsbury-Albright hussey-cheshire-mold-wrexham-shropshire-osewstry-wedding-photographer-london_0059.jpg
Shrewsbury-Albright hussey-cheshire-mold-wrexham-shropshire-osewstry-wedding-photographer-london_0060.jpg
Shrewsbury-Albright hussey-cheshire-mold-wrexham-shropshire-osewstry-wedding-photographer-london_0061.jpg
Shrewsbury-Albright hussey-cheshire-mold-wrexham-shropshire-osewstry-wedding-photographer-london_0062.jpg
Shrewsbury-Albright hussey-cheshire-mold-wrexham-shropshire-osewstry-wedding-photographer-london_0063.jpg
Shrewsbury-Albright hussey-cheshire-mold-wrexham-shropshire-osewstry-wedding-photographer-london_0064.jpg
Shrewsbury-Albright hussey-cheshire-mold-wrexham-shropshire-osewstry-wedding-photographer-london_0065.jpg
Shrewsbury-Albright hussey-cheshire-mold-wrexham-shropshire-osewstry-wedding-photographer-london_0066.jpg

Tipi Wedding

When Kate and Sam asked me to be the photographer for their wedding I knew that it was going to be a unique day, what with Kate's plans for a rice crispy cake and Sam's wicked sense of humour (delivering the funniest Groom's speech I have ever heard) - a lovely couple.  I spent the morning of the wedding with Kate and her bridesmaids at Dodleston Manor Doddleston Manor located on the edge of Chester, and we got some lovely photos in the bridal suite whilst Kate and the girls were getting ready for the big day ahead.  The ceremony took place in the grand setting of Chester Town Hall  and we even managed to commandeer an army Jeep for some fun shots!   We then moved onto the reception which was located at Chester Lakes and hosted in a spectacular tipi provided by All About Me Marquees and Events  which was like nothing that I had seen or photographed in before.  The pictures really capture the setting and atmosphere with bunting, twinkling fairy lights, live music by Sophie the busker and fire pit which was perfect for toasting marshmallows and keeping everyone cosy and warm throughout the evening - all resulting in a fantastic celebration for family and friends and some very special memories for Kate and Sam.

Looking forward to sharing more lovely pictures on my blog from upcoming weddings in Shropshire, Oswestry and Powys.