Oswestry Newborn Photographer

So I was contacted last minute by Jane asking if I had any newborn sessions available as she'd already given birth to her son Reuben a few days earlier, luckily I was able to fit Reuben in while he was still under 12 days old.

As usual the session started at 9.30am, I find this time of the day newborns are still very sleepy if parents have followed my instructions prior to the session. Jane (mum) Caleb (dad) and baby Reuben arrived at the studio on time.

So with the studio warmed and the beanbag set we stripped Reuben and started to go through some poses while he slept, he was such a good sleeper we managed to use two different blankets which really doesn't happen very often.

So we captured some fantastic images on the beanbag and now it was time to get some family shots! I think we managed to get some amazing images of Caleb and baby Rueben bonding (also managed to capture the obligatory dad getting weed on image!) 

If your thinking of booking a newborn session please ensure your chosen photographer has been trained in the art of newborn posing, some of the images you see on my site are composites, this is where two photo's are merged together to give the impression that baby is not being supported,  if your chosen photographer has not been trained and attempts some of these poses without support it can be really dangerous for your baby.

If you'd like to book a newborn session with Michael Knox Photography please feel free to drop into the studio 9-11 Beatrice Street, Oswestry, Shropshire,SY11 1QE or give me a call 01798687783 alternatively you can contact me via Facebook or email info@michaelknoxphotography.co.uk

Shropshire Newborn photographer - Baby Luca

I had the pleasure of photographing baby Luca who was only a few days old when his Mummy and Daddy bought him into the studio in Oswestry.  He arrived at 10:00 in the morning which is my preferred time as it provides new parents with time to get ready for what is likely to be one of their first ventures with baby away from home.

We started the session on the textured blue wool woven blanket snuggling into his special teddy.  We then moved onto the beanbag covered with the soft grey jersey knit blanket from Textile Express, we got through a few poses and got some beautiful images. Next on to the props, we used a 3 handle basket sourced from Newborn Baby Posing as well as a small oval basket and a tall round basket. After props we moved on to get a few of my favorited shots on the flokatia. Now at this point it was mum and dads turn to join in with baby Luca and have a few lovely family pictures taken.

The session drew to a close and I have to say baby Luca was a little star and I look forward to seeing him again in the future