Dad got Messy

So it's Monday 4th April and I'm all set for my newborn baby boy session at 10am having prepped the studio on Saturday with the blanket and props Mum had selected prior to the shoot. As always I arrived at the studio early to put the heating on to ensure that the place was nice and warm before baby and parents arrived.

Baby arrived on time and in tow was Mum, Dad, Grandma and 3 year old brother.  We started the session with a few photo's of baby and his big brother on the flokatia.  At this point I was thinking there's no way I'll get to use all props plus two blankets as baby was wide awake and showed no signs of sleeping, but after a little cuddle and a lots of soothing from Mum baby soon drifted into a deep sleep.

Onto the beanbag for a few poses on the blue blanket which really captured how relaxed this little boy was and as such we even managed to get the frog pose which is a composite picture so fully supported at all times by Dad. 

We then moved on for a few family shots with Mum, Dad, big brother and baby followed by some shots of just Dad with baby, skin on skin.  I said "this is the point where baby will either wee or poo" seconds later Dad was coved in poo!!!  After cleaning baby, then Dad, we grabbed a few pictures with Grandma and then baby was ready for a feed after all that hard work looking good for the camera.

Once baby was fed and sleeping and big brother had gone to the park with Grandma we moved onto shooting a few props starting with an old favourite of mine the wooden rice/well bucket, it never fails as its so snug with a fluffy rug stuffed inside. After this we moved to the single handle wicker basket stuffed with a yellow shaggy rug this time and set against a brown backdrop, then onto the three handle basket with a combination of various colour wraps to compliment the multi coloured blue stuffer.

Props completed it was then time to get back to the beanbag, this time using a green blanket with a delicate lace overlay. Baby was still being a little star and sleeping like.. well like a baby! So we ran through a few poses and even managed to get the pose below which is a favourite of mine.

So the session had come to an end and it was all done in an amazing, relaxed, 4 hours. Now Mum and Dad are looking forward to seeing their gallery of fully edited pictures capturing these special family memories.

If you would like to book a newborn photography session then I would recommend booking your session just after your 20 week scan, the best time to capture these lovely images is when baby is between 5-12 days old.