So here we have the beautiful wedding of Andrew & Hannah. I met early in the morning at Starbucks for a quick caffeine boost with Paul my second shooter for the day. We arrived at Hannah's home in Pradoe which is in Ruyton-XI-towns, Shropshire to get some pictures of her and her maids getting ready.

It was a short 2 minutes ride in the car to the wonderful Pradoe church whereHannah & Andrew would exchange vows, during the service there was a choir who sang between readings, If your planning on having a weeding I would highly recommend this as it really does create a lovely atmosphere. The service was very smooth and then it was outside to get a few family pictures in the church grounds, we then headed towards Shrewsbury and the fantastic Albright Hussey Manor Hotel for the wedding breakfast (ever wondered why they call it breakfast when its afternoon? Well its the first meal as husband and wife together)  

So after the wedding breakfast it was time for people to mingle at the bar and have a few pictures in the gardens before the evenings first dance followed by a fantastic firework display.

Shrewsbury-Albright hussey-cheshire-mold-wrexham-shropshire-osewstry-wedding-photographer-london-1.jpg
Shrewsbury-Albright hussey-cheshire-mold-wrexham-shropshire-osewstry-wedding-photographer-london-2.jpg
Shrewsbury-Albright hussey-cheshire-mold-wrexham-shropshire-osewstry-wedding-photographer-london-3.jpg
Shrewsbury-Albright hussey-cheshire-mold-wrexham-shropshire-osewstry-wedding-photographer-london-4.jpg
Shrewsbury-Albright hussey-cheshire-mold-wrexham-shropshire-osewstry-wedding-photographer-london-5.jpg
Shrewsbury-Albright hussey-cheshire-mold-wrexham-shropshire-osewstry-wedding-photographer-london-6.jpg
Shrewsbury-Albright hussey-cheshire-mold-wrexham-shropshire-osewstry-wedding-photographer-london-7.jpg
Shrewsbury-Albright hussey-cheshire-mold-wrexham-shropshire-osewstry-wedding-photographer-london_0051.jpg
Shrewsbury-Albright hussey-cheshire-mold-wrexham-shropshire-osewstry-wedding-photographer-london_0052.jpg
Shrewsbury-Albright hussey-cheshire-mold-wrexham-shropshire-osewstry-wedding-photographer-london_0053.jpg
Shrewsbury-Albright hussey-cheshire-mold-wrexham-shropshire-osewstry-wedding-photographer-london_0054.jpg
Shrewsbury-Albright hussey-cheshire-mold-wrexham-shropshire-osewstry-wedding-photographer-london_0055.jpg
Shrewsbury-Albright hussey-cheshire-mold-wrexham-shropshire-osewstry-wedding-photographer-london_0056.jpg
Shrewsbury-Albright hussey-cheshire-mold-wrexham-shropshire-osewstry-wedding-photographer-london_0057.jpg
Shrewsbury-Albright hussey-cheshire-mold-wrexham-shropshire-osewstry-wedding-photographer-london_0058.jpg
Shrewsbury-Albright hussey-cheshire-mold-wrexham-shropshire-osewstry-wedding-photographer-london_0059.jpg
Shrewsbury-Albright hussey-cheshire-mold-wrexham-shropshire-osewstry-wedding-photographer-london_0060.jpg
Shrewsbury-Albright hussey-cheshire-mold-wrexham-shropshire-osewstry-wedding-photographer-london_0061.jpg
Shrewsbury-Albright hussey-cheshire-mold-wrexham-shropshire-osewstry-wedding-photographer-london_0062.jpg
Shrewsbury-Albright hussey-cheshire-mold-wrexham-shropshire-osewstry-wedding-photographer-london_0063.jpg
Shrewsbury-Albright hussey-cheshire-mold-wrexham-shropshire-osewstry-wedding-photographer-london_0064.jpg
Shrewsbury-Albright hussey-cheshire-mold-wrexham-shropshire-osewstry-wedding-photographer-london_0065.jpg
Shrewsbury-Albright hussey-cheshire-mold-wrexham-shropshire-osewstry-wedding-photographer-london_0066.jpg

Winter Wedding

So this is the wedding of Matthew & Rachel. It was December and we kicked things off at the wonderful Soughton Hall Hotel situated on the outskirts of Mold in the beautiful North Wales countryside, this was where both Matthew and Rachel got ready. The day would be a very intimate affair with only 12 guests. After spending the morning with everyone it was time to set off for the registry office only a couple of minutes down the road, but before that it was time for a first look where Matthew would see his wonderful bride to be for the first time.

The ceremony was lovely and with an exchange of vows, rings and a kiss it was back to Soughton Hall for a few pictures before the wedding breakfast. Rachel was very brave taking a walk around the gardens mid December but she did look fantastic. After the wedding breakfast we moved just down the road to the Theatr Clwyd for the evening reception. I must say the cake decorated in a 1920's style was the best looking cake I've seen. The band played a few songs, the cake was cut, then the first dance was underway, after the first dance we headed outside to the ice rink for a few laps and the odd tumble. Once the Christmas panto finished we sneaked inside to get one last shot of the day.  


Tea At The Alter

I first photographed the Newson family 2 years ago when they had there first child Harvey, not long after they asked me to photograph their wedding, I was over the moon as Warren and Becky are a lovey couple.

Paul and myself headed out early to Becky's mum and dads house where there was lots of activity getting ready for the day ahead.  Once everyone was ready Becky came down looking amazing in her dress by Ronald Joyce and sparkly plimsolls! 

We headed from Ellesmere to Shrewsbury Abby where the ceremony was to take place. Becky arrived with a tear in her eye as she caught a first glimpse of her little boy Harvey in his suit, whilst at the alter Warren was relaxing with a mug of tea! 

After the ceremony we headed for the reception which was being held at Albright Hussy Manor Hotel. The guests were treated to a lovely meal then it was time for the speeches, now I've heard some speaches in my time but the best man absolutely killed it with his speech that wouldn't be out of place at the Edinburgh comedy festival.


Three Bands In A Barn

I was asked by Claire and Steve to photograph their wedding day which took place at the recently renovated Tower Hill Barns in Llangollen. The ceremony was to be held outside and luckily the weather was fantastic. Claire arrived after having her hair and makeup done at home so only had to put on her beautiful dress by Mark Lesley

So the ceremony was about to get underway, I got some shots of Claire as she came down the stairs from her room and then left her for final preparations before she came down the isle.  As I was heading towards the front of the isle I suddenly felt my lens belt feel very light and then I heard the sound no photographer wants to hear.... the thud of my 35mm lens hitting the floor!! I thought to myself no problem I have other lenses and the show must go on - on checking later the lens turned out to be absolutely fine with only a tiny little scratch on the lens hood. 

The ceremony was wonderful, held under the bridge with the guests seated under a gazebo to escape the suns heat. After exchanging vows it was time for Mr & Mrs Cranshaw to enjoy their wedding breakfast with family and friends.

After the meal it was time for the bands to play in the outdoor barn, first up was Heal The Last stand who really struck a chord with me, they have some amazing vocals with an American country feel. Then it was onto Steve's band Pointer 75 followed by Marblehead Johnson.


Shropshire-wedding-photographer-Oswestry-Wrexham-Chester-cheshire-photography 1 (2).jpg
Shropshire-wedding-photographer-Oswestry-Wrexham-Chester-cheshire-photography 1 (4).jpg
Shropshire-wedding-photographer-Oswestry-Wrexham-Chester-cheshire-photography 1 (5).jpg
Shropshire-wedding-photographer-Oswestry-Wrexham-Chester-cheshire-photography 1 (6).jpg
Shropshire-wedding-photographer-Oswestry-Wrexham-Chester-cheshire-photography 1 (7).jpg
Shropshire-wedding-photographer-Oswestry-Wrexham-Chester-cheshire-photography 1 (8).jpg
Shropshire-wedding-photographer-Oswestry-Wrexham-Chester-cheshire-photography 1 (9).jpg
Shropshire-wedding-photographer-Oswestry-Wrexham-Chester-cheshire-photography 1 (10).jpg
Shropshire-wedding-photographer-Oswestry-Wrexham-Chester-cheshire-photography 1 (11).jpg
Shropshire-wedding-photographer-Oswestry-Wrexham-Chester-cheshire-photography 1 (12).jpg
Shropshire-wedding-photographer-Oswestry-Wrexham-Chester-cheshire-photography 1 (13).jpg
Shropshire-wedding-photographer-Oswestry-Wrexham-Chester-cheshire-photography 1 (15).jpg
Shropshire-wedding-photographer-Oswestry-Wrexham-Chester-cheshire-photography 1 (16).jpg
Shropshire-wedding-photographer-Oswestry-Wrexham-Chester-cheshire-photography 1 (19).jpg
Shropshire-wedding-photographer-Oswestry-Wrexham-Chester-cheshire-photography 1 (21).jpg
Shropshire-wedding-photographer-Oswestry-Wrexham-Chester-cheshire-photography 1 (20).jpg

Whittington Castle Wedding Shropshire

Well here we go, I was asked to photograph the small intimate wedding of Donna and Garry at Whittington Castle set in a small rural village in the north west of Shropshire.

I arrived at Donna's home just after midday to grab a few shots of her leaving in her super chariot for the day (an amazing blue Ford Capri).  As Donna was finishing off getting ready, I was able to get a picture of her Bouquet, rings etc. Donna's Grandfather and Father while waiting were both discussing the fact that neither of them knew how to tie their ties. Donna was ready and came downstairs looking beautiful in her cream dress and we got a lovely picture of her in the window before heading to the castle which is 15 minutes away.

We arrived at the castle before Donna and got some shots of her with dad before entering the castle. The ceremony was held in the small but perfectly formed Lady Eleanor Function Room in the south tower.

After a few pictures around the castle grounds it was time to move on to the reception which was held at The Dining Rooms (formally known as The Walls) in the centre of Oswestry which is a lovely intimate old school venue. After the wedding breakfast we then headed outside into the dark to grab a couple of pictures with just the bride and groom in the park before saying goodbye.

Shropshire wedding photographer Oswestry Wrexham Chester cheshire photography 1.jpg
Shropshire wedding photographer Oswestry Wrexham Chester cheshire photography 7.jpg
Shropshire wedding photographer Oswestry Wrexham Chester cheshire photography 10.jpg
Shropshire wedding photographer Oswestry Wrexham Chester cheshire photography 11.jpg



Oswestry Newborn Photographer

So I was contacted last minute by Jane asking if I had any newborn sessions available as she'd already given birth to her son Reuben a few days earlier, luckily I was able to fit Reuben in while he was still under 12 days old.

As usual the session started at 9.30am, I find this time of the day newborns are still very sleepy if parents have followed my instructions prior to the session. Jane (mum) Caleb (dad) and baby Reuben arrived at the studio on time.

So with the studio warmed and the beanbag set we stripped Reuben and started to go through some poses while he slept, he was such a good sleeper we managed to use two different blankets which really doesn't happen very often.

So we captured some fantastic images on the beanbag and now it was time to get some family shots! I think we managed to get some amazing images of Caleb and baby Rueben bonding (also managed to capture the obligatory dad getting weed on image!) 

If your thinking of booking a newborn session please ensure your chosen photographer has been trained in the art of newborn posing, some of the images you see on my site are composites, this is where two photo's are merged together to give the impression that baby is not being supported,  if your chosen photographer has not been trained and attempts some of these poses without support it can be really dangerous for your baby.

If you'd like to book a newborn session with Michael Knox Photography please feel free to drop into the studio 9-11 Beatrice Street, Oswestry, Shropshire,SY11 1QE or give me a call 01798687783 alternatively you can contact me via Facebook or email

Shropshire Newborn photographer - Baby Luca

I had the pleasure of photographing baby Luca who was only a few days old when his Mummy and Daddy bought him into the studio in Oswestry.  He arrived at 10:00 in the morning which is my preferred time as it provides new parents with time to get ready for what is likely to be one of their first ventures with baby away from home.

We started the session on the textured blue wool woven blanket snuggling into his special teddy.  We then moved onto the beanbag covered with the soft grey jersey knit blanket from Textile Express, we got through a few poses and got some beautiful images. Next on to the props, we used a 3 handle basket sourced from Newborn Baby Posing as well as a small oval basket and a tall round basket. After props we moved on to get a few of my favorited shots on the flokatia. Now at this point it was mum and dads turn to join in with baby Luca and have a few lovely family pictures taken.

The session drew to a close and I have to say baby Luca was a little star and I look forward to seeing him again in the future


Tipi Wedding

When Kate and Sam asked me to be the photographer for their wedding I knew that it was going to be a unique day, what with Kate's plans for a rice crispy cake and Sam's wicked sense of humour (delivering the funniest Groom's speech I have ever heard) - a lovely couple.  I spent the morning of the wedding with Kate and her bridesmaids at Dodleston Manor Doddleston Manor located on the edge of Chester, and we got some lovely photos in the bridal suite whilst Kate and the girls were getting ready for the big day ahead.  The ceremony took place in the grand setting of Chester Town Hall  and we even managed to commandeer an army Jeep for some fun shots!   We then moved onto the reception which was located at Chester Lakes and hosted in a spectacular tipi provided by All About Me Marquees and Events  which was like nothing that I had seen or photographed in before.  The pictures really capture the setting and atmosphere with bunting, twinkling fairy lights, live music by Sophie the busker and fire pit which was perfect for toasting marshmallows and keeping everyone cosy and warm throughout the evening - all resulting in a fantastic celebration for family and friends and some very special memories for Kate and Sam.

Looking forward to sharing more lovely pictures on my blog from upcoming weddings in Shropshire, Oswestry and Powys.

Dad got Messy

So it's Monday 4th April and I'm all set for my newborn baby boy session at 10am having prepped the studio on Saturday with the blanket and props Mum had selected prior to the shoot. As always I arrived at the studio early to put the heating on to ensure that the place was nice and warm before baby and parents arrived.

Baby arrived on time and in tow was Mum, Dad, Grandma and 3 year old brother.  We started the session with a few photo's of baby and his big brother on the flokatia.  At this point I was thinking there's no way I'll get to use all props plus two blankets as baby was wide awake and showed no signs of sleeping, but after a little cuddle and a lots of soothing from Mum baby soon drifted into a deep sleep.

Onto the beanbag for a few poses on the blue blanket which really captured how relaxed this little boy was and as such we even managed to get the frog pose which is a composite picture so fully supported at all times by Dad. 

We then moved on for a few family shots with Mum, Dad, big brother and baby followed by some shots of just Dad with baby, skin on skin.  I said "this is the point where baby will either wee or poo" seconds later Dad was coved in poo!!!  After cleaning baby, then Dad, we grabbed a few pictures with Grandma and then baby was ready for a feed after all that hard work looking good for the camera.

Once baby was fed and sleeping and big brother had gone to the park with Grandma we moved onto shooting a few props starting with an old favourite of mine the wooden rice/well bucket, it never fails as its so snug with a fluffy rug stuffed inside. After this we moved to the single handle wicker basket stuffed with a yellow shaggy rug this time and set against a brown backdrop, then onto the three handle basket with a combination of various colour wraps to compliment the multi coloured blue stuffer.

Props completed it was then time to get back to the beanbag, this time using a green blanket with a delicate lace overlay. Baby was still being a little star and sleeping like.. well like a baby! So we ran through a few poses and even managed to get the pose below which is a favourite of mine.

So the session had come to an end and it was all done in an amazing, relaxed, 4 hours. Now Mum and Dad are looking forward to seeing their gallery of fully edited pictures capturing these special family memories.

If you would like to book a newborn photography session then I would recommend booking your session just after your 20 week scan, the best time to capture these lovely images is when baby is between 5-12 days old.


Hi and welcome to my first blog. I've been told that I need to write 300 word as this is what Google likes!!

So I thought I give you a little run through of my day at this years Photography Show at the NEC in Birmingham

I decided to go with a good friend of mine Mike Griffiths, who by the way is a great portrait photographer. Mike picked me up on Sunday morning at 7.40am (show starts at 10am) the journey is 1.5hrs from the studio my Studio in Oswestry and we arrive early as we're both keen to make the most of the day. When we entered the building after showing our trade passes we were ushered into a large holding room where to my surprise was already half full. Above the entrance to the main hall was a large screen with a live stream from this years presenters at the show to keep us all occupied while we wait. Eventually we get the big countdown to the grand opening 10..9..8....  we're off, there's a surge as people are eager to get there hands on this years must haves and those elusive bits of kit reserved for those with money trees in there gardens.

Well we entered the main hall all starry eyed and excited. My goal for the day was to see what printing vendors had to offer and decide what products I'd like to use in the studio. I wasn't to be disappointed as there where lots of vendors offering an overwhelming amount of prints with more finishes than one can imagine. I was drawn to the stand of Loxley Colour who's staff were very accommodating talking me through everything I asked them. There were some stalls with "fine art prints" well to be honest to me they looked a bit grainy and out of focus, perhaps I'm just not educated enough to appreciate it just yet!!!

Time for a demo on the Bowens stand with Jake Hicks Jakes demo was very easy to follow and some techniques I'll be trying in the studio, not sure if I'll produce the same results as his model was incredible. We managed to get a free cup of coffee in the Bowens lounge and had the opportunity for free alcoholic drinks between 5-6pm but Mike was driving and I'm not a big fan of drinking alone.

So after walking round the show I finally find a newborn  trader and I start looking for bits and bobs to feed my prop habit, this particular trader had a few nice things but were charging double the price of online retailers, so I moved on. 5 minutes later another newborn stall caught my eye, this was Baby Prop Shop who I've used before now they had some great show deals on. I managed to purchase a lovely lavender burp cloth as I had a newborn shoot the next day and mum had chosen the lavender blanket and purple tutu, so this would be a perfect little addition to my set.

Well I hope that's about 300 words, thanks for reading if you've managed to stick with me this far and I promise I will only get better.